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How do I get the parts repaired or replaced?

1. the warranty provided herein does not cover the charges of labor, or other costs occurred in the troubleshooting,

    repair, removal, installation, service, and so on.

2. Validity of Warranty Period:

    All claims must be made within ninety (90) days from the date of discovery of the defect. 

3. Exceptional Factors of Warranty provided:

    1). the product has been operated beyond its designed electrical and thermal capacities;

    2). the product was misused, neglected, by accident, improper or inadequated electrostatic discharge protection.

    3). the product was misused under the corrosive environments, the environments containing airborne contaminants

         (i.e. silicone, aluminum oxid, etc.); or excessive thermal shock;

    4). unauthorized modifications are made to the product;

    5). the product was not installed and operated complying to applicable building,mechanical, plubing and electrical


    6). the serial no. or Julian date code of the product was altered, defaced, or removed;

    7). error designed by the owner of the product caused a part of the product or the complete product to malfunction.

4. The Warranty provided herein only covers repair or replacement. 

    Juste Electronics Co., Ltd. is not liable for any loss, cost,damage, or expense of any kind of arising out of this 


5. Juste Electronics Co., Ltd. is not liable for any incidental,consequential, exemplary, special, or punitive damages,

    nor for any loss of  revenue, profit or use, arising out of a brach of this Warranty or in connection with the sale, 

    maintenance, use, operation or repair any product assembled by Juste.

6. Juste Electronics Co., Ltd. is not liable for any amount claimed more than the purchase price of the product 

    before defective.

7. This Warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty for Juste Electronics Co., Ltd.. No person or entity is authoized to

    bind Juste Electronics Co., Ltd. to any other warranty, obligation or liability for any of Juste electronics Co.,Ltd.'s 

    product. Installation, operation or use of the Juste Electronic Co., Ltd.'s product that this warranty is issued must 

    constite acceptance of the terms hereof.


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